September 25, 2020 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

2020 California Native American Day Celebration Goes Virtual

VALLEY CENTER, CA – The California Tribal Chairpersons Association is honored to announce the 2020 California Native American Day Celebration – A Virtual Event, held from September 23 through California Native American Day on September 25, 2020.

Respecting the health and safety of communities across the state, CTCA is turning the 53rd California Native American Day virtual. Focusing on 2020 as a year of battles to protect health, financial well-being, sovereignty of tribal nations, and culture, the all virtual event seeks to empower and uplift the voices of those who continue to fight each day for Native people, and promote understanding as to why Native communities fight not to defeat, but to include.

This year’s theme is Healing Nations – Protecting Elders, Women, and Children which will carry through three days of virtual celebration in video snippets via the California Native American Day Facebook page.

Videos will include songs and dance, comedy performances, cooking demonstrations, and legislative updates from Northern, Central, and Southern California’s tribal nations all with the focused on the purpose behind the fight—to heal, to grow, and to preserve the future of California’s tribal cultures.

Join us on September 23 & 24 from 6:00pm-8:00pm for the broadcast celebration and on September 25 from 10:00am-12:00pm for a Facebook LIVE event on the California Native American Day Facebook page.

“As sovereign nations, we are rising to the challenges that this year has presented. CTCA is an association dedicated to empowering and supporting tribes and is proud to host California Native American Day event. For the health and safety reasons, CTCA decided to host the three-day event virtually that will include Native celebrities, entertainers, and educational sessions,” CTCA Chairman Bo Mazzetti.

“2020 has proven difficult for us all but, as always, the Native American tribes of California have shown great resiliency.  In this same spirit, we feel that this year, more than ever, it is important to continue forward with our Native American Day celebration and we hope you will join us,” said Erica M. Pinto, CTCA Secretary and California Native American Day Organizer.

“Protect our Elders and they will pass their knowledge and wisdom to our Children. Protect our Women and they will love, support and educate our Children. Protect our Children and they will continue to carry on Tribal traditions, customs, language, and help establish equality and justice for all Tribes,” said CTCA Board Member Chairman Russell “Buster” Atteberry.

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About California Native American Day

Started in 1939 by then-Governor Culbert Olson, “Indian Day” evolved into The California Native American Day in 1968 thanks to Governor Ronald Reagan and California tribal leaders. The Day is considered a time-honored tradition in the California Native American community. The event is hosted by the California Tribal Chairpersons Association.

California Tribal Chairpersons Association (CTCA)

The Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association, together with the Central and Northern California Chairmen’s Associations joined forces on April 9, 2019 to formally establish the California Tribal Chairpersons Association (CTCA). The new, statewide organization was established to collectively address the critical issues facing the California tribes.

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