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The Cadena Cultural Center is a dynamic department within the Fullerton College Counseling & Student Development Division and is connected to the Fullerton College Transfer Center.  Our mission is to provide services that enhance awareness of campus diversity, facilitate transfer to colleges and universities, and promote student development and lifelong learning.

Cultural Center Bulletins

September Heritage & Holidays

Sep 15 - Oct 15    National Hispanic (Latino) Heritage Month
Sep 1    Labor Day
Sep 5    International Day of Charity
Sep 17  Constitution Day & Citizenship Day
Sep 21  U.N. International Day of Peace
Sep 23  First Day of Autumn
Sep 25  California Native American Day   

Coming Events:

Sep 15        19th Annual Bienvenidos!
Sep 14-29    Educational Screening of Latino Americans PBS
Sep 29        Latino Students Forum
Oct 7          Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender (LGBT)
                  Students Forum

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