The Cadena Cultural Center is a dynamic department within the Fullerton College Counseling & Student Development Division and is connected to the Fullerton College Transfer Center.  Our mission is to provide services that enhance awareness of campus diversity, facilitate transfer to colleges and universities, and promote student development and lifelong learning.

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FC Leisure Reading Book Club!

The FC Leisure Reading Book Group promotes leisure reading through informal monthly gatherings. Over light-snack, members discuss the book chosen by the group. At the first meeting, we will select a book to read for the semester.

Please RSVP to either:
Jane Ishibashi (Librarian)  jishibashi [at] fullcoll [dot] eduor
Deidre Hughes (Reading faculty) dhughes [at] fullcoll [dot] edu
You can also leave a note for Jane Ishibashi at the Circulation Desk in the Fullerton College Library.