September 22, 2017 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Fullerton College, Social Sciences Bldg., Room 1420

This workshop is open ONLY to NOCCCD faculty and staff.
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The Office of Diversity & Compliance and the Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Fellows would like invite you to attend the Pluralism, Inclusion, and Equity (P.I.E.) series. The purpose of this series is to provide learning opportunities to faculty and staff that will help us gain a better understanding of our student’s lived realities and develop skills to allow us to be more effective in teaching and in providing support services to our diverse students. The series is also designed to improve relations between students, faculty and staff. We will be offering two trainings/workshops during the fall 2017 semester. Each of the fall 2017 workshops will consist of two consecutive Fridays.
Please contact Dr. Cadena at if you have any questions about the P.I.E. series.

Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence,
September 22 & 29, 8:00am-3:00pm, FC-Room 1420
Presented by: Mikel Hogan, Ph.D.

This program teaches participants a body of knowledge and skills that enables them to successfully communicate and interact in culturally diverse work settings and communities. It is designed to address personal and interpersonal knowledge and skills, and organization-wide policies and procedures. Participants become aware of the multi-dimensions of current diversity problems and of the need for interpersonal and organizational intervention strategies (Hogan, 2013).

The Four Skills:

Skill 1- Understanding Culture as Multilevel & Multidimensional: Explores the concept of culture, including its subjective and objective nature and its multiple levels and dynamic aspects. Hogan proposes twelve aspects of culture and ethnicity that can be generally identified. This skill also looks at personal culture, the way it changes, and the stages of sociocultural awareness. Then moving into the larger spheres of subcultures – U.S. mainstream/national culture, organizational/institutional cultures, and the dynamics surrounding these cultures.

Skill 2- Understanding the Six Barriers: Proposes an understanding of the barriers to effective relationships at both the personal/interpersonal level, and the organizational/institutional level. Included in these barriers are assumptions we make about U.S. national culture, diversity, and gender issues.

Skill 3-Practicing Culturally Centered Communication Skills: Fourteen competencies to apply to culturally centered communication skills are proposed. The dialogue process, conflict-recovery, and problem-solving processes are discussed. These are key to productive and respectful communication.

Skill 4- Designing and Implementing Organizational-Cultural Competence: Participants will be able to apply the previous three skills to actual relevant scenarios pertaining to situation-specific cases. Hogan proposes organizational strategies that lead to successful and cultural diversity competent communication in pluralistic environments, making inclusion possible.

Dr. Hogan specializes in Organization Culture in the fields of business, education, government, and health and human services, teaching employees a body of knowledge and skills enabling them to successfully communicate and interact in culturally diverse work settings and communities. She offers Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence that combine into a practical approach. Dr. Hogan has received multiple awards, including the Jewel Plummer Cobb "Diversity in Education Award" for her "Managing for Excellence with Culturally Diverse Employees and Customers" certificate program at California State University Fullerton where she currently teaches.


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