November 3, 2017 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Fullerton College, Social Sciences Bldg., Room 1420

This workshop is open ONLY to NOCCCD faculty and staff.
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The Office of Diversity & Compliance and the Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Fellows would like invite you to attend the Pluralism, Inclusion, and Equity (P.I.E.) series. The purpose of this series is to provide learning opportunities to faculty and staff that will help us gain a better understanding of our student’s lived realities and develop skills to allow us to be more effective in teaching and in providing support services to our diverse students. The series is also designed to improve relations between students, faculty and staff. We will be offering two trainings/workshops during the fall 2017 semester. Each of the fall 2017 workshops will consist of two consecutive Fridays.
Please contact Dr. Cadena at if you have any questions about the P.I.E. series.

Community Cultural Wealth (CCW) and Funds of Knowledge (FK)
October 27 & November 3, 8:00am-3:00pm, FC-Room 1420
Presented by Juana Mora, Ph.D. and Luis Gustavo Giraldo, Ph.D

The focus of this workshop is to foster a collaborative effort between researchers and practitioners and focus solely on the dynamics and complexities of community college teaching. The intent is to support community college faculty to innovate teaching practices that are grounded in the principles of social justice and higher education as a civil right. This program provides the theoretical grounding on issues surrounding pluralism where statistical and historical data will be provided to foster an understanding of diversity/differences that compose our pluralistic community at the community college. The program will focus on the following two theories:

1. Funds of Knowledge

2. Community Cultural Wealth

What to expect from this training:

1. To re-connect with our teaching practice through self-reflection.

2. To be introduced to Funds of Knowledge and Community Cultural Wealth.

3. To learn how to integrate Funds of Knowledge and Community Cultural Wealth into teaching practices and in serving a diverse student population.

4. To learn how to use our own Funds of Knowledge in the classroom

Dr. Luis Gustavo Giraldo is the Director of Equity, Diversity and Cultural Competency at Santa Barbara City College. He specializes in the theory of Community Cultural Wealth (by T.J. Yosso) which includes six types of capital educational leaders may use to frame their interactions with students. His research also focuses on the experiences of students of color in higher education and the impact that transformative resiliency has on the educational trajectory of these students

Dr. Mora teaches Chicana/o Studies and Political Science at Rio Hondo Community College. She specializes in the theory of Funds of Knowledge. Funds of Knowledge explores the pluralistic diverse aspects of our society, that are often times muted by the systems of power that give unequal voice to a mainstream culture while ignoring the realities of those disenfranchised by a system rooted in inequalities.


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